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Our majoring business are covering the following;

  • Acoustic
  • Aviation Lubricant & Chemical
  • Bowling Equipment
  • Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • General Trading
  • Interior Design / Office & Living Equip.
  • Machinery & Lab Equipment
  • Maintenance & Repairing
  • Sport Equipment & Souvenir

     Even though, we have just started the business but with the management and staff available we are committed to strive for excellence in all our undertakings and we will continue our efforts to achieve the vision.


Authorized Installer for Associates Bowling System 


We supply and install the ‘New’ and ‘Used’ bowling machine and lanes, and lots more with total support for the products in terms of spare parts, technical expertise, training on product and etc.

     The ‘full package’ includes the pins spotting machines, synthetic lanes, automatic scoring bowlers’ seating, arrangement, supplies (pins, balls, shoes, chemical and etc), lane maintenance equipment, spare parts and all the other items required to set up and successfully operate a Bowling Center.

     We also provide the consultancy to set up new center including pre-installation requirement works and interior design works. We were become the only company in Malaysia that can provide expertise in ‘total’ in this field at present.

Sub-Distributor (Aviation Lubricant)


We at ETOPS Lubricant Department offer a wide array of industrial, transport, aviation, equipment and basic retail lubricant products to customers of every spectrum. Our staff is ready and willing to help supply you with the product you need; if you don’t quiet have in mind exactly what it is you’re looking for, we’ii be happy to narrow your search for you.

     We gladly accept small orders and can package in small, even custom-sized containers. We’ve been supplying small to large businesses and military organizations domestically.

Bowling Equipment


Bowling Center


Aviation Lubricant


Aviation Lubricant


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